White Paper

The Path To Inclusive Investor Engagement

A Roadmap for Mutual Benefit

The white paper highlights the need for greater engagement between companies and their retail shareholders.

Investor inclusion involves shifting traditional investor relations mindset of company engagement being solely focused on the largest institutional shareholders to including all investors, particularly individuals, in engagement programs, such as the quarterly investor road show. More tangibly, this involves applying new and existing tech to communicate with and facilitate participation by all investors in corporate events, such as proxy voting and AGMs where hybrid participation – in-person and live-stream – should always be available.

The white paper highlights the need for greater engagement between companies and their retail shareholders. It is a must-read for anyone interested in improving corporate governance, stewardship and overall understanding of today’s diverse investors.

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With corporate and institutional participation being essential to the realisation of inclusive investor engagement, throughout the preparation of our white paper, we contacted around 150 individuals from UK PLCs, corporate advisers, institutional investors, sustainable fintech firms, academic institutions, and impact organisations. Roles represented include board chairs, directors, CEOs, company secretaries, and investor relations officers. We sincerely thank the said individuals for their honest views and opinions, time, and consideration of this matter.

We extend the same thanks to the ESG, corporate governance and stewardship offices of the Financial Conduct Authority and the Financial Reporting Council, as well as to the Chief Executives of the Pensions Lifetime Savings Association and Association of Investment Companies, and the Executive Director of the Investor Forum for their impartial views and fair and informed lines of questioning.

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