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Take Time for TEA – as a start

TEA’s starter program puts companies in the driving seat on their journeys to greater financial inclusion for all. The program aligns with shareholder democracy without overextending expectations. It features an online grading system created by TEA, and by signing up, companies can clearly steer their message to retail shareholders and other individual stakeholders.

Why join TEA?

TEA is the pioneering hub designed to harmonise the aspirations of visionary companies and individuals in one vibrant ecosystem. We offer centralised insightful information, innovative solutions and programs, and a dynamic two-sided market to facilitate a symbiotic relationship between companies and individual stakeholders. By joining TEA, you will gain access to crucial resources, groundbreaking solutions, and the opportunity to align your corporate goals with enhanced financial inclusion and literacy.

Joining as a company is FREE and simple!

Investor engagement re-imagined for today’s society

Take part in TEA’s investor engagement festivals, like the ‘biggest shareholder event ever’ from 31 January 2023 – our visionary events where multiple companies unite under one roof and online to meet thousands of retail shareholders!

Experience engagement with individual stakeholders from a fresh perspective that will inspire collaboration and mutual understanding.

Membership benefits – companies

Optimised Collaboration

Revel in the amalgamation of vibrant ideas and collective brilliance.

Gain access to our intergenerational individual stakeholder community and engage with next gen investors.

See all the benefits of membership below.

Enhanced Financial Literacy and Inclusion

Propel communities towards financial enlightenment and inclusivity.

Robust Educational Entertainment

Master the art of intergenerational engagement through innovative ‘edutainment’ offerings.

TEA programs – collaborate with us!

Let’s reshape the finance world together, make it more inclusive, democratic and fun! Brew some change with TEA Programs!

TEA Cups

Celebrate achievements with TEA Cups, our accreditation and awards program that recognises inclusive engagement.

Investor Engagement Festivals

Re-imagine investor engagement for today’s society – Exhibit at our visionary investor engagement festivals where companies can unite under one roof to engage with thousands of retail shareholders. Sign up to take part in our inaugural ‘biggest shareholder event ever’ virtually on 31 January 2024.


Know an entrepreneur with a revolutionary idea? They can bring this to life with TEA Lab, our incubator focused on engagement innovation and tech! Coming soon!

Partying for Change

Join 'Partying for Change,' a groundbreaking movement to promote financial inclusion and peaceful change!

Art & The City

Unite art and finance with 'Art & The City,' inspiring mutual understanding and inclusive creativity in finance via cross-industry and intergenerational collaborations!

Creative #Finlit

Bring artists and creatives digestible learning programs centred in personal finance and investing basics.

TEA Cosy

Get close to TEA Cosy, our global membership program full of community benefits.

Women’s Company Secretary Circle (WoCoS)

Network with professionals in legal, company secretariat and corporate governance at our Women’s Company Secretary Circle (WoCoS).

TEA National Ambassadorship

A nation-wide drive to amplify the impact of inclusive investor engagement via grassroots participation.

Aplanty Exchange

The collaboration between TEA and Aplanty Impact to promote financial literacy to the 1 million-strong houseplant community by introducing them to the concept of share trading. Get your APEXX Card here.

Corporate Consultations

Annual process of consulting inclusive investor IR with listed companies on the LSE and Aquis.

TEA, as a social venture is reliant on the responsible entrepreneurial acumen of our team to drive the organic growth needed for us to operate. We also rely on the generosity of supporters who share our passion for a more diverse and inclusive financial market. Our TEA programs are meticulously constructed with mutual understanding and benefits in mind. We therefore warmly welcome sponsorship participation across our programs and invite those interested in exploring opportunities to engage with one of our team on Sponsorship comes in many forms. Most importantly, it comes with many life-changing rewards.

Full membership benefits

  1. Comprehensive consultation & representation (RESPONDING!)
  • Personalised Consultation Sessions with our seasoned reps to tailor your engagement strategies.
  • Priority access to TEA representatives for inclusive engagement talks.
  • Recognition: Earn a star, access your online ’TEA Cup’ and start engaging!
  1. Proactive Participation & Recognition (PARTICIPATE!)
  • Exclusive access to our TEA Inclusive IR Toolkit.
  • A feature in our unparalleled September 2024 Tea Cup Report and Awards.
  • Prompt and timely surveys to ensure your views are represented, helping you earn another shining star!
  1. Customisable Communication Platform (COMMUNICATE!)
  • A customisable company’s TEA webpage to share content significant to retail investors.
  • Opportunity to garner attention by sharing your innovations and strategies, and yes, another star to your name!
  1. Engaging Events & Activities (ENGAGE!)
  • Discounted exhibitor invitation and VIP passes to our Investor Engagement Festivals with premium speaking slots.
  • Leverage TEA activities to create a network with potential investors and stakeholders.
  • An additional star awarded for your involvement and enthusiasm!
  1. Pivotal Program Development (EXCEED!)
  • Be at the forefront of developing our inclusive engagement program.
  • An opportunity to influence and shape TEA’s projects and initiatives.
  • Grab your final star as you go above and beyond with us!
  1. Founding Member Privileges (INITIATE!)
  • Embrace the honour of being a change-maker as a founding member of our 1-year program.
  • Commit to inclusive relations and be the embodiment of progressive change.
  1. Policy Creation & Approval (ESTABLISH!)
  • Autonomy to create your unique policy and receive endorsement from TEA.
  • Flexibility with project timelines and goals, allowing you to proceed at your preferred pace.
  1. Program Participation & Policy Implementation (ENACT!)
  • Premium access to tea programs.
  • Special invitations to exclusive events like the “Biggest Shareholder Event Ever” where you can roll out your established policies.
  1. Monitoring & Evaluation (MEASURE!)
  • Exclusive access to TEA’s analytical tools to track and modify your policy based on pioneering findings.
  • Regular feedback and recommendations to ensure your policies are aligned with the latest trends and needs.
  1. Global Sharing & Recognition (SHARE!)
  • A prime spot in TEA’s annual TEA Cup reports, showcasing your advancements and discoveries.
  • Global platform to broadcast your progress, innovations, and learnings to the worldwide audience.

Additional Perks:

  • 24/7 Assistance: Round-the-clock access to our support team.
  • Networking Opportunities: Forge powerful connections with industry leaders, experts, and like-minded corporations.
  • Edutainment Resources: Enjoy a plethora of resources combining education and entertainment, enhancing financial literacy and inclusion.

Visibility: Gain unparalleled visibility and credibility among peers and stakeholders.

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