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Proxymity is a multi-award winning investor communications platform that directly connects and authenticates issuers, intermediaries and investors in real-time via our unique digital pathway. This allows us to create more efficient, more accurate and more transparent solutions with no manual data entry or paper-based transfer.

Proxymity currently has two powerful products:

  • Proxymity Vote Connect: A fully digital proxy voting solution allowing meeting data, votes and more to be sent and received in real-time. and
  • Proxymity Shareholder ID: A fully automated shareholder disclosure solution that aids regulatory compliance.

Proxymity Vote Connect provides real-time transparency into the voting process, allowing instant amendment of instructions and much sought-after confirmation that votes have been recorded at the annual general meeting.

Proxymity Shareholder ID fully automates the processing of shareholder disclosure requests and responses in regulatory compliant formats and timeframes.

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