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Lumi streamlines AGMs, conferences and events, transforming them for organisers and attendees, wherever they are. Lumi is the leading player in software and real-time audience engagement technology worldwide.

Lumi facilitates the smooth and reliable running of Annual General Meetings for listed companies, partnerships, unincorporated associations and other member-based organizations. Lumi serves the meetings and events industry with both in-the-room and cloud-based solutions and event apps.

Based on proprietary, patented technology developed in conjunction with company registrars over several decades, Lumi provides software, hardware and applications that assist transfer agents and event organizers. Lumi’s solutions register delegates, provide real-time, secure voting, polling and ballots as well as Q&A management services and relevant reporting.

Lumi’s exclusive app-based technology enables your meeting to go mobile. Whether an AGM, a virtual or a hybrid shareholder meeting, a legislative meeting or election, Lumi enables remote participation. Lumi helps you cut meeting costs while providing all the tools for the effective management and good conduct of your meeting.

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