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Board Agenda® is a progressive business journal & online resource which provides independent news, analysis, expert insight & intelligence about emerging corporate governance, risk, technological, environmental & strategic business issues that are shaping the roles & responsibilities of board directors, C-suite executives & the organisations they serve across the world.

You will find news, analysis, commentary and expert insights on issues such as, risk & resilience, investor relations, stakeholder governance, disclosure & reporting, innovation, ESG, sustainability & climate, culture, reputation, selection & diversity, strategy, finance, technology, executive remuneration, the roles of boards and directors. The insight & research programme of Board Agenda® is enhanced by experienced board members, as well as investors, governance professionals, economists, academics, politicians and regulators from across the world, with thousands of articles, reports and case studies available on every conceivable issue that boards encounter.

The independent ethos of Board Agenda® means that editorial leader articles criticise, challenge or applaud corporate behaviour; there is informed opinion from diverse standpoints on topical business issues, probing interviews with corporate leaders, investigative business reporting, and analysis of corporate failures as well as successes.

The purpose of Board Agenda® is to support board executives so they gain insight about issues that impact on corporate governance, acquire specific knowledge about board practices, navigate the increasing complexities of their role, embed best practice in their board activities and help them achieve effective board oversight.

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