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Promoting Intergenerational and Cross-Sector Collaboration: TEA Meets Emmeline

Sep 8, 2023 | Insights

As part of TEA’s commitment to intergenerational and cross-sector collaboration, on 15th July our founder, Sheryl Cuisia, and several key TEA members journeyed to north London’s Roundhouse to watch our Artist Ambassador, Emmeline, perform in her debut headline show.  

The venue, with its passion for enabling young, artistic leaders and their communities, was the perfect place for fertile discussion between young artists, entrepreneurs, and also the city. In attendance were both Niam Patel and Gabriel Brown, Cambridge Entrepreneurship Lab mentees, who spoke with a variety of TEA allies including WoCos members, and co-founder Danny Wallace.  

The real pull of the evening, however, was words and their power to effect change. Emmeline wowed us with her talent to turn beautiful, poetic concepts into bouncing song. A lively crowd of young producers, photographers, directors and fashion designers, introduced us to a thriving group of inspiring individuals – a network of people Emmeline surrounds herself with for creative inspiration, and who produce bodies of work that include stunning, collaborative music videos Emmeline’s beautiful, blistering spoken-word is a love letter to south east London ( 

Emmeline’s gig provided a fantastic opportunity for TEA members to understand the true positive impact of investment in the arts on musicians, and those adjacent to the music industry. Being surrounded by young entrepreneurs and artists made clear that most important element of the event was community, and shared participation in art. TEA is thrilled to be working with Emmeline on a long-term basis so that she can help with our proposed integration of the arts into the city, and expose the current programmes of finical literacy that are currently in circulation. We hope to help get TEA members to many more events like this in the future. 

Check out Emmeline’s music here: Emmeline | Spotify 

And read more about TEA’s commitment to intergenerational and cross-sector collaboration: Inclusive Investor Engagement | The Engagement Appeal ( 

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