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Exploring Innovative Instances of Stakeholder Engagement and Successful Initiatives

Feb 14, 2023 | Insights

Seeking fresh concepts and sources of inspiration for engaging stakeholders? Delve into these four distinct examples of stakeholder engagement that will invigorate your approach to upcoming projects!

If you’re in search of novel stakeholder engagement exemplars, you’re likely familiar with the challenge of revitalising your engagement strategies. We understand how the conventional methods sometimes fall short. It’s time to embrace innovation and ingenuity to spark interest, drive participation, and captivate your stakeholders. To aid you in this endeavour, we present four imaginative scenarios showcasing effective stakeholder engagement.

Feel free to adapt and adopt these ideas for your forthcoming campaigns…


Law Enforcement’s Social Media Engagement Strategy Remarkably

A growing number of police and law enforcement agencies are setting the stage for exemplary stakeholder engagement. If you’re seeking inspiration from unconventional sources, look no further than the social media profiles of police services worldwide.

Queensland Police Service Among their serious and informative posts, the Queensland Police Service skillfully incorporates humour, puns, and adorable animal imagery (when appropriate) across their Facebook and Twitter platforms. This approach keeps their community engaged and connected. With over 1.1 million Facebook followers and 236,000 Twitter followers, an impressive estimated 20% of Queensland residents actively engage with their content. Moreover, the Queensland Police Service employs their social media presence to involve the public in reporting individuals of interest and aiding in locating missing persons.

New Zealand Police Much like their Queensland counterparts, the New Zealand Police excel in connecting with their community through online platforms. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts play a pivotal role, as does a viral recruitment video that has garnered over 1.9 million views. By employing relatable language, local humour, and amusing content, the New Zealand Police effectively engage their local community through social media, fostering a meaningful connection.

Note: Social media’s utility extends beyond stakeholder engagement; it’s a valuable tool for stakeholder monitoring and management. By utilising precise search terms, you can identify stakeholders and influencers, monitor discussions and concerns, and provide real-time responses.


Amazon Studios: Enlisting Users Throughout Production

Amazon Studios, as the moniker suggests, encompasses Amazon’s film and television production distribution. This stakeholder engagement case stands out due to Amazon Studios’ groundbreaking and transparent approach to involving consumers throughout the production and filming process. Though the model has evolved, it remains a source of inspiration.

From 2010 to 2018, Amazon Studios enabled script and concept video submissions online, with staff committed to reviewing submissions within 90 days. Projects progressing to development or distribution earned writers compensation of $10,000 or more. By the time the program concluded, Amazon Studios had listed an impressive 20,694 film and 6,973 TV series projects on their website. Additionally, as of March 2013, Amazon boasted active development of over 23 films and 26 television series.

Beyond the initial submission stage, Amazon introduced Amazon Preview, an exclusive community for soliciting feedback on concepts, storyboards, and test footage. This practice, previously limited to boardroom executives and focus groups, was extended to everyday users.

Engaging users throughout the production phase proved a strategic manoeuvre for Amazon Studios, allowing them to align their offerings with user preferences. Involving users in a meaningful manner, granting them the opportunity to contribute ideas, bolstered engagement, loyalty, and brand affinity.


Unilever’s Sustainable Living Blueprint Unilever

Renowned for an array of popular food, beverage, cleaning, and beauty brands, serves as a noteworthy illustration of large-scale transformation and change through stakeholder engagement.

In 2010, Unilever introduced its roadmap for a sustainable enterprise, the Sustainable Living Plan. This initiative aimed to mitigate environmental impact while enhancing global health, well-being, and livelihoods. The goal extended beyond organisational boundaries, aspiring to drive systemic change and contribute to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

This endeavour embraced a multi-stakeholder approach, enlisting shareholders, employees, governments, NGOs, and civil society organisations to address societal barriers to sustainable change. Recognizing the need for impactful transformation, Unilever forged partnerships with pivotal entities. Concurrently, they engaged employees through initiatives encompassing sustainability training, surveys, leadership development, and management programs.

While the plan remains ongoing, Unilever has already witnessed promising outcomes, including sustained growth for brands closely aligned with sustainability principles. Their dedication to sustainability has also garnered recognition through various awards.


Facebook’s CSR and Stakeholder Engagement Model

As the premier social media platform, Facebook navigates a multifaceted stakeholder landscape, engaging billions of users representing diverse cultures and nations, in addition to advertisers, shareholders, employees, and governmental entities. Yet, the ultimate priority remains user engagement, as engaged users underpin Facebook’s value to other stakeholders.

In addition to refining their product, Facebook introduced features designed to foster user engagement and underscore corporate social responsibility (CSR). Notable examples include:

Birthday Donations – Users can now raise charitable contributions on their birthdays. Crisis Response – A feature aiding users in connecting and staying informed during crises and natural disasters. At a juncture marked by concerns surrounding privacy, censorship, inadequate filtering of violent content, hate groups, security breaches, and more, Facebook’s imperative lies in augmenting CSR and stakeholder engagement efforts to reestablish user trust.

Nurturing Creativity and Progress in Stakeholder Engagement Inspired by these illuminating stakeholder engagement instances? Eager to formulate your stakeholder management strategy? While these examples offer fertile ground for inspiration, crafting a stakeholder engagement plan tailored to your organisation and stakeholders demands original thinking.

The journey may entail some deliberation, but the rewards are worth the investment. Armed with innovative ideas, you can transcend traditional stakeholder engagement, forging a lasting and impactful brand experience with far-reaching benefits.

Yet, the foundation must be solidified first. Before embarking on your stakeholder engagement campaign, a comprehensive understanding of your stakeholder landscape is imperative, as demonstrated by the exemplars above. Equipping yourself with adept stakeholder engagement software and planning tools is a prudent initial step.

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